Native application or Hybrid Application : Which is Better?

February 07, 2019 Posted By : administrator


Native APP:

  •  A native app is developed to run on a particular platform such as Android, IOS, windows phone, etc. This apps are developed using their particular programming languages like swift and Objective-C for IOS, Java and kotline for Android.
  • Native apps are efficient in performance and have access to the built in features like the phones hardware i.e camera, Address book,GPS, accelerometer, compass, etc.
  • This apps can use can be accessed without internet connection, But this app are more expensive to develop because they are design to run on a particular device or on a operating system (IOS or Android)
  • You can’t use the same code base to develop native apps the environment, where you write your code is completely different (Objective-C/Xcode and Java/Android Studio).

Hybrid App:

  • Hybrid apps are developed to run on multiple platforms like  Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. They are those web applications that you can run in a native browser for example UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android.
  • This apps are developed using some web technologies like HTML5, CSS and Javascript and then it gets embedded into native apps using Cordova.
  • Hybrid app development is fast and simple and supports multiple platform. It cost less if you wan to develop multiple native apps and it is easy to maintain them.
  • It is an open source tool that allows you to build your hybrid applications which runs on more then one platform, It also has access to phone hardware but they need to use plugins to access them.
  • Hybrid apps are still depend on the native browser, which simply means they are not faster then native apps.