Mobile app for Business users
Project Overview
  • Locovery is your new destination for discovering the power of local!
  • Locovery is designed to give you a destination to interact with local businesses and local residents who share the same local interests as you without cluttering up your social networks.
  • Locovery provides you with the ability to receive up to date information from local businesses, events, artists, communities, and even other locals in your area!
  • Through tools like private group chat discussions, direct calls, conference calls, loyalty rewards programs, survey submissions, appointment setting, and so much more Locovery is the tool needed to build, grow, and strengthen your community in your area.
  • As you experience the community around you, share it with others through Locovery and everyone will benefit. Locovery is what YOU make it so interact with us as we work together to empower local communities!
  • This app requires to creates a robust platform that offers a seamless user experience which effectively connects Businesses with communities and empowers event organizers to plan and executes successful events.
  • Completed project in sort time with many functionalities like Private group chat discussions, Direct calls, Conference calls, Loyalty rewards programs, Survey submissions, Appointment setting which is more complex.
Approach and Solution
  • To develop a mobile application that serves as a comprehensive platform for businesses, communities, and event organizers to connect, collaborate, and facilitate event management, needs to do Market research and User Analysis.
  • Select suitable mobile app development platform.
  • Decide application's Features and functionalities.
  • Design and User Experience.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance.
  • Deployment and Distribution.
Tools &
Technologies Used
  • React Native
  • Rest API
  • Stream chat
  • Agora for Calling
  • Google Business API
  • Firebase
  • Following the completion of the project, the customer now has access to an application that can provide them to Register as a Business/Community/Event owner, Create private group chat discussions, Do Direct & Conference calls, Create Loyalty rewards programs, Submit Survey, Book Appointment, etc.
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