Movie apps for streaming movies for iOS.
Project Overview
  • MiniFlix is one of the leading movie apps for streaming movies for iOS. The application runs in a fluent and hassle-free mode for streaming movies with an easy structure of design and user interface. You can also select video resolutions as per your requirement, from 240p to HD, there are varieties of options available in it. MiniFlix has an inbuilt offline-downloading feature in it, which helps you to watch movies whenever you want without any usage of internet. Moreover, it also has "Wish-list" feature added in it to remind you about your choices of movies for watching it in future as per your desire. It comes with a monthly-price structure.
    1. Sign up by choosing pricing plan and account type (Personal, Student or teacher).
    2. Sign in with Email, Facebook and twitter
    3. Home:
    - Side panel: list all categories name from navigation and other menu like Account settings, Privacy, Help Center.
    - Movie listing: display random movie with detail on top of view and display list of movie category wise in bottom view.
    - Movie Detail Page: Display movies detail with video
    - Video Streaming: User can see the video in full screen. Search: User can search movie by title and genres.
  • Making Movie app for streaming movie is more complex as we need to Obtain the necessary licenses to stream movies legally can be complex and time-consuming. Building a comprehensive library of movies requires acquiring and managing a vast amount of content.
  • Consider partnering with movie databases, content providers, or streaming platforms to access a wide range of movies.
  • Implementing video streaming functionality while enabling offline storage can be more complex, we need to Utilize adaptive streaming technologies to optimize video quality based on network conditions.
Approach and Solution
  • When creating movie-related apps, it is essential to consider a range of factors, including Video Streaming, Offline Movie Storage, User Experience Design, User Authentication and Security, Searching and Filtering, Continuous Updates and Maintenance.
  • To ensure the success of the application, we have integrated appropriate streaming libraries and devised effective approaches for offline storage.
Tools &
Technologies Used
  • Native Android
  • Native ios
  • Java
  • AWS
  • Swift
  • Rest
  • Ruby on rails
  • Postgres sql
  • Upon project completion, users can now experience a comprehensive application that offers the ability to register as a Personal, Student, or Teacher, granting access to a wide array of movies.
  • Users can effortlessly watch movies, save them to their wishlist for future viewing, and enjoy the convenience of offline movie storage, enabling them to enjoy their favorite films from anywhere, at any time.
  • This successful app has been developed to fullfills the needs of users and enhance their movie-watching experience.
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